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Transactional bulk SMS is a non-marketing automated text message that any academic institutes send to inform, encourage & support their students and teachers progress journey. In various academic institutions transactional bulk SMS plays a vital part in enhancing time effective communication. Schools, colleges and all the other education institutes has adopted transactional bulk SMS very graciously because of its impactful nature. Communicating information to a large number of students, teachers and parents has become quite easier and convenient through transactional bulk SMS.

There are several day-to-day activities that takes place in every academic institution which includes large group of people, informing these people verbally or through a call can be quite straining job that’s where transactional Bulk SMS kicks in and makes it convenient for you. Information about parent’s teacher meeting, organizing celebrations and functions, need to be sent to a large number of parents where transactional bulk SMS plays its part. In an academic institution transactional message can be of a various type, depending on the purpose they serve.

General Messages

General messages include information regarding general events like orientation, parent’s teacher meeting, school or college ceremony etc. These transactional bulk SMS are sent from the academic institution to the parents, teachers and students informing them about a particular occasion.

Holiday Announcement

Announcements about the holidays, semester break etc. is sent to the student from the school, college and other educational institutes through transactional Bulk SMS.

Transportation Messages

These transportation transaction messages are sent to the students and parents informing them to abide by the transportation rules and get down only on the allotted stoppage and not otherwise. The information about any delay in the scheduled time of the transports owned by the academic institutions is also informed to the parents and students.

Fee Messages

These bulk transactional SMS targets messages related to the fee payment. In school, colleges and other academic institutions, there is a huge number of student and reminding them about the due date and late fine at a same time can be a hectic job, here’s when transactional msg comes in handy while dealing with huge number of people.

Exam & result Messages

These messages from transactional bulk SMS informs the students and parents about the admit card distribution, examination schedule and dates of handing over the results.

Attendance Message

These transactional bulk SMS includes information regarding the attendance of student which is sent to the parents. When a student is absent without any prior notice then an informatory SMS is sent to the parents informing them the very day.

Benefits of Transactional SMS in education Institute

Edulity provides best transactional SMS in India for every academic institution there is. Schools, colleges and universities use these transactional SMS service when it comes to circulating important information or updates then bulk SMS service is the savior. Bulk SMS service is used by the education institute in numerous ways from broadcasting urgent information to conducting efficient communication. Schools and colleges have been using transactional bulk SMS for sending students’ performance, important events, fees payment reminder and more. This is an impactful, high conversion channel that edulity is proving to your school, college, university or any other education cluster. Our bulk SMS service saves you time and energy and is cost effective too.

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