School Mobile App

School Mobile App

The world is continuously evolving and adapting high tech automated versions of every task. Most of the things we do in our day-to-day life has an easier and quicker virtual option. Managing a school can be an extremely tedious job and requires a whole managerial team. With a plan to make your school managing experience more efficient, effortless and organized, we offer you an online school mobile app that single handedly manages every aspect of running a school.

Edulity offers the most efficient school mobile app designed for a better academic experience, efficient administration and management. Parents get notified about all the events; exam schedules and can directly contact the teachers individually. Without any hassle and chaos teachers can keep the parents updated simultaneously and timely.

Every information regarding the students including the attendance, marks list, assignment details that were supposed to be managed by the teachers manually is now revolutionized and are clicks away. Simplifies  fee payments and communication among teachers, students, parents and administration. The administration functions smoothly and harmoniously with this school management mobile app as it all get digitize and paperless under one app which makes recording and tracking of information extremely accurate.


Key Features of School App

School Mobile Application

Admission Management

School mobile app offers you a module specifically designed for handling and managing admission which shifts the whole process of admission and enrollment online from the form fill-ups to documents uploading to payments everything, and is integrated with student data management system.

Report Generation

The report generation module is responsible for generating numerous reports like students' progress report, student & staff attendance report, fees payments, salary payment reports etc. These reports are easily customizable and can be generated daily/weekly/monthly/yearly.

Attendance Management

Attendance software is the part of the school management app which is paperless and accurate and time saving as well. It is flexible for any size of institution and generates absent/attendance report daily/weekly/monthly/ yearly basis.

Online Fees Payment

Keeping in mind the busy schedule of parents we have integrated online fee payment system in school mobile app. This will allow the parents to pay the school fees from their smart phone itself and reminds them too when the payment date approaches.

Student Progress Tracking

Student progress tracking gathers information about the student’s progress after an activity is finished like quiz scores, percentage calculated. Analyses the results and gives a detailed spread on any individual student's progress.

Examination Management

Exam management module includes creating time table and making it easily accessible to students online, setting question sheet. Results are easily accessible to parents and students through punching the roll number. It has a pre-defined grading system.

Student Data Management

This tuition class management system stores students' data regarding registration, courses and batches allocation, student attendance. Homework, assignment and mock tests can be easily shared with the students.

Hostel Management

Hostel management ensures smooth functioning of administrative tasks such as handling hostel applications, room allotment, fees management, mess payment management, disciplinary issues and easy communication.

Library Management

Library management module from school management app maintain housekeeping functions like record maintenance, checking availability of books, the number of books issued or returned. It also keeps in track the books that are kept past the returning date and the late fine records.

Do You Have Any Questions? Read Our FAQs Section and Feel Free to Ask

Edulity here focuses on providing an all-round service and support. We have an app for every required field under one roof. Easily customizable according to your needs and multiple modules already present.

Get in touch with us and we will provide you will all the details, training and assistance that you require.

This app is supported on all the smart phones may it be IOS, android, blackberry or windows.

Your past data records can easily be configured in the system through data collection sheet provided by us. You share the data with our team at the beginning of implementation and your data will be configured by our team into your system.

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