#1 School Management Software

School Management Software

Administration and management of a large-scale organization like a school can be a complicated and time-consuming job. It requires an ample amount of work force but with school management software it can all be handled in a single line integrated system. Edulity offers you a fully customizable app allowing anytime anywhere access which ensures smooth management and paperless administration.

Incorporating school management software definitely increases efficiency in administration and maintenance of track records accurately in less timeframe. This software boasts a variety of feature that increases the efficiency of any academic institution. It generates quick customized reports on student, staff, HR, fee, transportation etc.

This software is fully receptive and can easily be functionable on any device. It adapts automatically and adjust to any screen size or operating system such as desktop, laptop, smartphones, tablets, windows, chrome, safari and more. We live in a super connected, continuously digitizing and technology rich world and it is necessary that your schools reflect the same.

School Management Software

Student Data Management

School data management helps schools store, manage data, communicate, and schedule and distribute data appropriately to students, faculty and parents.

Report Generation

This feature generates numerous customized reports on students, staff, admission, library, result, attendance of students & staffs, fees payments, salary payment etc.

Attendance Management

Attendance is taken online through biometrics. It is paperless, more accurate and time saving as well. It is flexible for any size of institution and generates absent/attendance report daily/weekly/monthly/ yearly basis.

Online Fees Payment

Fee's payment is shifted completely online at everyone’s ease, conveniently keeping records and notifying. It can either be paid in lump sum or in installments too. An e-receipt is also provided as a payment proof.

Student Progress Tracking

This module of school management software gathers information about the student’s progress after an activity is finished like quiz scores, percentage calculated. Tracks student’s progress and allows you to grade accordingly.

Examination Management

Exam management module includes creation of time table, question paper, marks entry which is easily accessible to parents and students. It has a pre-defined grading system.

Transport Management

The school management software also manages the transportation owned by the school or college by using the details provided like vehicle documents, route details, maintenance, and transportation fees.

Hostel Management

It manages smooth functioning of administrative tasks such as handling hostel applications, room allotment, fees management, mess payment management, disciplinary issues and easy communication.

Library Management

This school management software is built to maintain housekeeping functions of a library like record maintenance, availability of books, the number of books issued or returning or renewing or the late fine records.

School Management Software

How does School Management Software works?

In today’s educational system, school management software is quite important. School authorities throughout the world are involved in a variety of administrative and academic tasks on a daily basis in order to properly manage and give a better academic experience to the students. However, in today’s fast-paced world, keeping track of school administration activities is a difficult task. It generally requires hard work and is frequently time-consuming.

Educational institutes currently use School Management software to better conduct their school administrative tasks and to provide parents with real-time updates on their children’s progress and safety. Many features are commonly included in such software, allowing schools to improve their performance with little effort. Many academic and administrative processes are automated with School Management software, which eliminates the need for human paperwork.

Why your school needs school management software?

Here are the following reasons why school need school management software:

  • Communication Gap: A school management system software supports inefficient communication. Everyone is connected via mobile or online apps, and any information that has to be given can be sent instantly via SMS. This saves time and eliminates a considerable number of phone calls.
  • Inventory Management: It is divided into separate components in the School Management System software. It can manage hostels, libraries, school buses, and other facilities with only a few clicks. The primary benefit of implementing a school management system is that inventory management will take less time and effort.
  • Bulk Data Management: Schools are always dealing with large amounts of student data. Teachers and administrators have to deal with hundreds of pieces of student data every day. Dealing with large amounts of data can lead to misunderstanding, which can have an impact on a school’s academic standards. Bulk data handling is simple and easy with the school management system.
  • Security: Every school prioritizes the safety of its students. The installation of a school management system will improve overall security. It will keep children, parents, and teachers linked at all times, assuring students’ safety. Dedicated modules for live tracking of children, school transports, and other features are also available in our software.

Scope of the School Management System

School management Software makes a huge difference for teachers, students, parents, and management. It has higher productivity and is simple to use. The multiple benefits of the School Management System provide sufficient justification for implementing it in your educational institutions. It will make it easier for schools, colleges, coaching centers, and other educational institutions to run their day-to-day operations.

Because of its best qualities, it has been embraced by the majority of schools nowadays. Many schools have adopted this smart technology (cloud-based) system as they want to grow quickly, need the highest production in the shortest amount of time, and understand the demands of the present period. Therefore, Fillip technologies provide you the school management software which is well-designed to collect all administratively significant manual actions.

Furthermore, this tool enables officials and administrators to fulfill their tasks in less time. Overall, the program method is simple enough to understand that even if someone is using it for the first time, users will not have to struggle.

FAQ Regarding School management Software?

School management software digitizes most of all the time-consuming tasks in your institution & makes the management hassle free. This helps in improving the academic                 standards of your institution too.

Student information, staff and student attendance, transportation, time-table, admission, automated fee management are some of the key features of school management app.

School management software helps parents to easily track their kid’s academic progress. The communication feature breaks all the barriers between parents and school faculty.

We provide security superior to any other school management app in the country. Your data is completely safe with us and the backups too has ur accessibility.

We provide 24×7 live chat support, email and call support. We guide you through every step of the management setup for your school.

School Management Software Features

User Management

With a wide range of feature, we provide you with seamless user management. You will be able to create and manage login credentials and the permissions according to a particular role. Our school management software provide best user management feature

Strategic Marketing

We run strategic marketing directly on the prospects. There is a pre integrated google custom audience plugin, creates customized audience link. Using this school management software, you can focus on productivity

Marketing Automation

We create pages that look appealing across all devices may it be desktop, mobile or a tab. It provides a functioning communication workflow. The school management software  notifies administration if an important action is taken by a student.

Campaign Management

We not only track your add campaign but also keep a track of ROI for each source you invest in. With our cutting-edge marketing analytics, we make sure that the organic, social, referral channels are taken care of.

School Management Software

Edulity provides best school management software in India that will help you to manage and organize your school data in an easy way. Just because of its features and easy user interface Edulity has become best School ERP software in India.

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