Promotional Bulk SMS

Promotional bulk SMS is a conveniently time efficient and cost-effective marketing channel that promotes your school, college or university to the targeted audience directly through mobile phone. Promotional SMS gateway is primary mode of academic institution marketing channel due to its reach and impact. Promotional bulk SMS is chiefly used by B2C (business to consumer) organization which makes it perfect for your school, college, university or any other academic institutions as these messages are directly sent to the prospective clients.

Sending promotional bulk SMS to the targeted lead is an effective and reliable way to inform them about your educational institutes, upcoming admission dates, discounts that can be availed by the early applicants. These messages should be relevant to the recipient and precisely to the point and easy to read in order to improve the marketing performance of your school, college or university.

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The benefits of promotional bulk SMS in your Education Institutions

Promotional bulk messages are a highly responsive and extremely cost-effective way to promote any academic institution. This informs them about the admissions of certain class or if you are managing a college then the admissions about certain subject or course. There are some additional benefits of promotional bulk SMS too including:

In the process of promoting your school, college, universities or any other education institutes promotional bulk SMS service has proven the most cost effective in all over India. Interacting with a large set of people in a click has made bulk SMS service in India the most convenient channel. As it provides instant & valuable response it is the best possible option for your education institute and is a great option at attracting new visitors and generating new leads.

Express more through SMS attachments

Inserting images, videos, PDFs, spreadsheets in your promotional bulk SMS eventually increases your message’s appeal to the prospective audience. These multimedia makes conveying your message more accurate and appealing.

Real-time delivery and click access reports

Measure the productivity of the promotional bulk SMS through real time SMS delivery report and granular click metrics for short links.

Increase engagement with mobile solutions

Creates discount vouchers for early applicants and the applicants with certain percentage making it more appealing to the targeted audience for your school, college or university.

Easily connect with your customers through WhatsApp API

Promotional bulk SMS provide your customers with an option to con even receive customer enquiries on WhatsApp and continue the conversation.

Receive SMS online

Promotional bulk SMS let’s your customers conveniently reach you through texting codes and keywords. It sets predefined auto-replies or it may take the clients conversation forward through another channels.

Missed call numbers & dual VMNs

Manage leads, receive enquiries related to support and sales through mere missed call and set up auto-responsive SMS. With our dual VMNs you can receive SMS & missed calls on the same number.

Promotional SMS service in India is a prominent channel for promoting your academic establishment as it has proved itself an effective marketing tool over the years to bring more clients to the educational organization. Edulity offers effective bulk marketing services, we offer Promotional SMS services in India that are specially designed to enhance personalized and effective communication.

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