Best Library Management Software 2021

Library Management Software

Edulity offers you next generation library management software which can be implemented in any size of library. This is the best library management software available as it does all the work required under one streamline and it is fully customizable. It has the easiest user Interface. This library management software offers scanning of books for easy identification, inventory management, reserves books in advance, tracking the movement of books, inventory, finance, circulation. This software is designed to reduce workload through automated management of acquisition and circulation. This software helps library to manage data accurately from membership acquisition to searching of books by their title, author, publication date and subject.

In this library management software, we provide a unique code which is assigned to every book to locate it easily. Identification tool such as code system provides accurate and timely book allocation. Its data base is completely digital which makes it the best data management software.

Library Management Software

Library Management

Each book has a unique identification code with a rack number which makes it easy to physically locate the book. The system will be able to search book by the title, author name, publication date etc.

Student Registration

Student registration module offers digitalizing student registration and keeping the data online and in sync with every step like issuing of books, return date, books kept after the due date. Notification for reminding the book submission date.

Online Fees Payment

The module of payment will be able to help you pay your registration charge online and will be able to collect fines for the books returned after the due date. It also sends notification if the book is exceeding the due time limit.

Database Creation

A data base is created keeping in mind every type of book, journal and magazine there is in the library. This is an OPAC based system used for searching the online library data.

Library Card

Each member will have their unique identification account, you can either keep the app for it or get a library card issued which will have a UID code. Each member card should have a unique barcode. The system will be able to read the barcode and detect the list of members present at a certain day.

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