Google Adwards

Google AdWords is one of the largest platforms for online advertising which will help your academic institution reach the targeted potential new clients and increase its visibility and reach. Because of high competition in the education market, promotion of your school, college and university’s website is now more important than ever. If you want to effectively get the attention of your targeted audience through Google adWords, then you can use it to advertise your academic institute website.

The main advantage of promoting your school, college or university’s website on mobile ads is that it reaches a larger graph of audience than of desktop ads, and Cost per Clicks (CPCs) is lower as well. Edulity being a high functioning Google AdWords Company in India, we collaborate with you and understand your need for your business. We schedule campaigns and set budgets to achieve the best Click-Through Rates and Conversions.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords Features

Google Ads Campaign Management Services include quite a few steps

Search Ads

We will make your academic establishment’s website easily discoverable with exactly targeted keywords through running search ads on Google. This helps you gain the right visibility on the search engine.

Display Ads

Visuals are extremely important and eye catching form of promotion for any sort of education institution’s website and Google knows that, with the help of Display Network displaying ads on millions of sites through banner ads in image form and in audio and video instead of boring texts.


The visitors who have visited your website in past but didn’t engaged are targeted with the strategy of converting into your clients. This is strategically planned to increase the number of new leads.

Being a top pay per click agency in Patna, Bihar we deliver guaranteed result oriented strategy. Each client gets a specific campaign tailor made to suit their school, college or university and their budget. Our skilled professionals ensure that all PPC ads are optimized and compatible for mobile devices as well to match the expectation and the necessity of mobile users.

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