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Edulity offers a college management software which is a complete ERP solution for any colleges and universities. It is an advanced software, incorporated with all the advanced features capable of handling all the required activity. It digitizes the daily chores of your campus.

The educational enterprise resource (ERP) software is designed to reduce the complexities faced by the management in running a college. Edulity offers you a software which is capable of administering all the day-to-day errands of the college campus and in efficient functioning of management.

College management software has evolved from management information system. Enrollment and admission processes are made handier. Documents and online submission of form gives your institution an advantage over others. The college management software takes care of the special needs of campuses and is easily used by the admin, teachers, students, parents and management team as the ERP is multi-functional. Edulity is specially designed to unload the authorities from the paperwork burdens and making it convenient for the parents too to stay updated with the schedules.

College Management Software

College Management Software

Student Data Management

It has a complete student profile with photographs, family details, auto roll number generation, inbuilt ID card, well designed reports, facility for uploading documents.

Report Generation

It gathers data, process it and generate reports on different aspects like new admission list report, class capacity report, attendance status report, student strength.

Attendance Management

It generates reports on subject wise attendance, percentage attendance, cumulative attendance, daily/monthly/yearly attendance reports.

Online Fees Payment

You have advanced fee setup for multiple fees category with deposits. Student wise concession and auto fees receipt generation. Auto SMS alert on payments and mapping with account are some of the other facilities.

Student Progress Tracking

Statically, chart and graphic progress tracking tool. Updates completed lessons. Fully functioning user defined mark sheet generator. Custom design exam and marks converter.

Examination Management

It is an integral part of college management software as it manages the class test, assessment, examination. Calculates combined/aggregate results and weight age-based assessments. Final assessment for progress card and notifies about it to the parents too.

Transport Management

This app manages the transportation owned by the college. Creates route with pick up and drop points. It has the vehicle details and documents, transportation fees, route wise student reports.

Hostel Management

This smoothly manages multiple hostels and define room charges according to its type. You can easily search room availability and is integrated with fees module.

Library Management

This clearly defines rule for book issue and bar code integration for easy tracking the movement of the books. Class wise book allocation, book reservation facility available, manages book due.

Admission Management

Admission forms are available online with documents uploading options, admission enquiries are converted into confirmation. Follow up details about the admission is sent to the prospective candidates.

Payroll Management

There is a defined separate payroll for every department which is auto calculated. Yearly and monthly payroll reports are generated with PF and tax deduction.

Staff Information

Staff management comprises of official details, basic details, general details, address and more. It generates staff reports on staff list department wise, qualification wise, experience wise. Email, SMS sending and receiving facility in group keeping in consideration the large number of staffs.


Key Features of College Management Software

Benefits of College ERP Software

For any college to function their administration efficiently, management must opt for a system that is less time consuming more result giving.

Multiple campus on one platform.

Generation pf various reports makes analytical process a lot easier.

Circular & news can be sent in bulk through emails and SMS.

Every academic and non-academic activity is in sync.

Interactive e-learning boosts more engaging teaching-learning environment.

Maximizes student admission efficiency.

The software is cost efficient too, no heavy investment required.

Track applicant journey

Automate the application journey and influence them, enhance the application flow experience and increase its completion.

Secure leads from various sources

Lead generation channels like social, digital and education marketplace generates leads which is secured by us and distribute them to the appropriate counselor.

Follow ups

Notify the admission team if a lead shows a positive response on the site. The enrollment signals are captured and email about it to the appropriate admission team member.

Application Portal

Manages the marketing and increases the number of admissions considerably. Complete admission process is handled efficiently.

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World is changing at an uncomprehensive pace and so is our education system which is bound to up to date with easy administration, smooth management and more engaging e-learning. The new generation is completely high-tech and your institution should be able to match the same.

The homepage after the software is installed and set-up will show an interactive dashboard with user dependent module.

Pricing for implementing college ERP is affordable and depends completely on the module you choose

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