Coaching Management Software

Coaching Management Software

As we all know in this techno savvy era, the conventional way of education has fully transformed so managing these academic institutions through basic means is not quite enough. A simple software setup can help you not only digitize your coaching but also unload you from multiple burdens.

Edulity offers coaching class management software that can help your coaching to achieve its full potential. With this online coaching software, you are capable of managing your institute from anywhere anytime. The software offers various features that are attendance through biometric, fees schedule, exams, mock tests, online teaching, chapter wise lesson plan, bulk messaging and more making it the no. 1 coaching software in India. We don’t just digitize your coaching but also help you create a loyal client base so that you don’t just teach a few but instead impact thousands.

This coaching management software has been developed by analyzing all the feedbacks and requirement details that there has been from various academic institutes. This software has a user-friendly interphase and an easiest implementing ERP making it no 1 coaching management software in India. It has complete automation and role-based access. We offer powerful website which will evidently increase the number of admissions in your institution and help you gain a competitive edge.

Coaching Management Software

Admission Management

Although coaching class management software’s main focus is the synchronization of administration, management and learning but it also makes sure that the inquiry on the website is provided follow up’s and transformed into admissions hence increasing your number of students.

Report Generation

Report generation provides detailed reports on number of new admissions, attendance and absent report, class capacity, student wise attainment report, assessment wise and subject wise performance report.

Attendance Management

It has a quick attendance feature with integrated biometric system. It provides daily/monthly/yearly reports, subject wise attendance and sends SMS alerts to absentees.

Online Fees Payment

Allocates fees according to the courses, collects fees in lump sum or in installments, fees receipt generation, fees refund process, auto fees due reminder, discount management and many more feature are offered in this online coaching software.

Student Progress Tracking

It gathers the marks/grades and process it into a detailed progress report for students, batch wise progress reports are available too. Complete reports and customized reports are also just a click away.

Examination Management

College management software provides a feature of exam management which covers planning and publishing of exam timetable, organize exam and has subject wise predefined marks setting. The results are analyzed on different parameters then generated and issued.

Student Data Management

This tuition class management system stores students' data regarding registration, courses and batches allocation, student attendance. Homework, assignment and mock tests can be easily shared with the students.

Hostel Management

It can manage multiple hostels at a time, defines room type and its charges. Room availability can also be easily searched and has an integrated fee module for the students.

Library Management

Defines rule for book issue, has bar code integration for convenient tracking, book reservation facility and manages book due. There is also an integrated e-library for the convenience of students.


Key Features of Coaching Management Software 2021

Benefits of Coaching Classes Management Software

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Edulity offers 24×7 client support through email, WhatsApp, call, onsite support and free product training.

Absolutely yes, you can redefine the tuition class management system according to your own preference, your client, and your need.

There is a different requirement with every different client but Edulity focuses on providing vast variety of modules on every management software and application. Easy and affordable customization is done according to your preference.

Coaching management software can be used in any devise and on any screen size, just the installation and set-up are required and our support team is available online and offline 24×7 to guide you through every step.

Your past data records of previous years will be configured in the system. We provide data collection sheet that is predefined at the starting of implementation and your data will be configured by our team into the system.

How does Coaching Management Software works?

Coaching management software is an online platform developed to manage and meet with all the requirement of coaching class management software. Edulity offers a great set of features for every need of any sort of coaching. The user friendly interface makes it quite easy to use and has complete automation and role-based access which makes the implementation of the ERP quite easy. The coaching class management software provides a bunch of features that makes managing a coaching a less hectic job with minimal manual work and is suitable for coaching of all sizes. Edulity coaching management software includes the most dynamic features that does help a plentiful in smooth management which includes admission management, fees management, biometric attendance management, time table module, examination management, report generation, data management and a lot more. With all the activities digitalized there is infinite scope of growth.

Why your institutes need coaching management software?

Coaching management software is the ultimate combination of perks which include management features and increase in reachability. Edulity offers you the coaching class management software which frequently raises the standards of your coaching. As the admission process is completely digitalized, it broadens the reach of your coaching evidently and renders you with the capacity to educate thousands of students without any sort of hassle. Various management modules assists you running your coaching from anywhere anytime as it is browser friendly and has the easiest ERP implementation. The coaching management software that Edulity offers transforms your whole approach toward the coaching class management and increase the magnitude of growth to the fullest. To be a top notch coaching and have that edge over your competitors you need to have one of the best coaching management software by your side.

Scope of coaching management software

Edulity offers Coaching management software specifically designed to provide assistance to the administration, hence unburdening the management with the manual paperwork required in every step of the way. It has a wide scope of approach thus ultimately widening your coaching’s reach and the students are much more efficiently handled. Inquiry management module in the coaching class management software allows the students and parents to reach you and enquire at the ease of their own home. Our skilled developers have integrated the modules addressing every activity of your coaching including the attendance, data recording, fee payment, mock tests, lesson plan, bulk SMS and many more features which makes it one of the best coaching management software in India. It has the potential of assisting your coaching reach the standards you have envisioned.

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