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Bulk SMS is by far the most performing channel for education institution’s digital marketing. Mobile phones have been proven the most universal and persuasive medium of communication hence enhances your SMS chances to be seen and responded quickly by the targeted students/customer. Schools, colleges and other academic institutions prefer bulk SMS over other means as the smartphone users have excessively increased in the recent years and although there is a great deal of advancement in technology but the SMS is the feature that has stayed in common over the years in every smartphone.

Bulk SMS marketing statistics speaks for itself with a 98% open rate out of which 90% of it is read within the 3 mins of receiving. The chances of opening a SMS are almost 5 times higher than of an email. This makes bulk SMS marketing the most performance-based marketing channel for any academic institution.

We provide Best Bulk SMS Services

Why Use SMS Marketing for your educational institute?

Some of the following features clearly explain the potential SMS marketing has:

SMS provides you utmost reliability and readability of almost 97%.

The SMS is delivered within seconds and read almost that very minute. Unlike other channels of marketing, SMS doesn’t gets lost in the imbox.

Bulk SMS marketing can be used by all sizes of businesses making it perfect for academic institutions as it widely varies in population.

When using other marketing platform like email there is huge chance that your messages may not be seen or delivered, but SMS provides you 100% reliability.

SMS marketing is more powerful when integrated with other channels like email. Your college or school can send a SMS informing the students about an important email that needs their immediate attention.

SMS marketing enables sending a SMS to a particular class or a group of students effortlessly. It is easily customized and you can send both transactional and promotional messages.

Some common uses of bulk SMS marketing for your academic establishment

Time-sensitive promotions

Academic institutions of any size which needs to send time sensitive circular or information to the students can use SMS for its dynamic timely nature.

Personalized offers

SMS software features like ‘merge send’ is used by businesses to send personalized tailored messages like including the first name etc. These customized messages show the students that the institution care about them.

Send MMS

MMS enables utilizing multimedia content by the academic institutions to promote their academic institutions, through videos, images, GIFS and audio clips to be sent on smart phones. MMS is becoming quite popular as it is improving the engagement of the targeted clients.

Our Unique Strategic Approach

Strategized sales tactics results in sales growth and improvement in academic institutions performance. Bulk SMS marketing is the most adequate resource to enhance your academic institution’s reach. It helps you to generate fresh leads and increase your admission rate. Bulk SMS is not just time-efficient but also cost effective. In this cutting-edge competition your academic institution needs to have the smoothest functioning and enhanced productivity for which Bulk SMS is the perfect channel of communication to a large number of teachers or students. It easily targets a wide range of people within seconds, even 1 lakh SMS is just a click away. There are 3 key area to keep in mind in order to get the most productivity out of your bulk SMS campaign:


Your marketing strategy should be to keep your bulk SMS personal and avoid sending a generalized message to the targeted customer list, instead use specific texts to target different groups according to their demography or any other filter.


The time at which your SMS is sent has a great deal of influence on the response. The accuracy in your timing affects greatly on the conversion rate of the SMS marketing.


Clear and short text is the key. Communication should be straight to the point and tempting enough to be responded immediately.

Edulity knows that as an academic cluster your main target is to achieve good number of new students. We convey your thoughts in the most precise and to the point manner gradually increasing your number of new clients making us the providers of the best bulk SMS in India.  no matter what the size of your organization is, bulk SMS marketing is a very dependable channel for you.

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