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Edulity offers a unique & best education software India which is essentially a combination of both school and college management app. Any sort of ERP or application you need related to the management of multiple academic institution all over the world, Edulity is what you are looking for. It has a smooth user interface and has the most comprehensive ERP. Extremely user friendly and contributory in efficient school and college management. For a long time, we have been working on developing a company that is capable in providing every assistance needed in managing schools, colleges, institutions, coaching and library all in one. 

Being one of the best educational management software, Edulity provides an end-to-end solution that digitizes the entire operation of school & college management in India starting from admission to online class management, human resource management, finance management and a lot more making it one of the best schools and college software in the world. It provides multi-user functionality and has the fastest implementation of any ERP. Daily tasks of any academic institutions are digitized, Student-Faculty cycle and campus chores are more synchronized than ever. Administration is relatively improved which enables operational efficiency & institutional outcomes.

It is one of the best education software India which is specifically designed keeping in mind all the academic institutions and their needs. It has an integrated software for every academic institution may it be school, college, coaching, library, learning management, online tests, we got you covered. This app supports both the versions ERP and as a mobile application.

The manual work reduces considerably and the recorded data is safe and accurate. This educational management software administers and keep both academic and non-academic activities in sync from a single platform. Edulity has specifically engineered and created this management software keeping in mind all the stakeholders like principal, teacher, management, students, parents, security and others.

About Edulity

Edulity is an educational wing of Fillip Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Exclusively designed and established with the sole purpose of providing management software and management app for every academic institution in the world. Our single line strategy that aims to provide an entire solution to every possible management glitch that affects any academic institution.

We focus on opening a whole new door of comfort and convenience. Our team not only provide you with management assistance but also digital marketing and IT services like google ad word, SEO, SMO, bulk SMS which makes our brand no 1 in India.

Management Software

Education management software will revolutionize your management experience for good.

Educational Website

Modern and updated website with a good digital marketing is what you need to expand your visibility.

24/7 Supports

Our support team is just a call away. We will train you to use the app/ software and you can contact us through email, call or on WhatsApp.


Features of Edulity

Management Software Modules

Student Data Management

With the search option you can get student details about their key contacts, attendance detail, submitted document, exam performance.

Report Generation

Generates various reports on number of admissions, attendance and absent report, class strength, library, transportation.

Attendance Management

Comprehensive student report which is both fast and accurate. Automated attendance data management with integrated RFID and biometric.

Online Fees Payment

Online fee management module allows you to pay fee online and also allows net banking with e-receipt. Allocate fees according to class and student.

Student Progress Tracking

Student progress tracking module makes it very convenient for the teachers as it can generate mark sheet/ report card, transfer, leaving certificate, grade book in bulk and is less time consuming and accurate too.

Examination Management

This module helps in scheduling and conducting exam in an organized way. Generates customizable student’s results.

Transport Management

By automating with Edulity your transportation becomes convenient as the transportation route is online with GPS tracking, schedules, stops, timing, fees, everything is allocated accordingly.

Hostel Management

This module is fully equipped to manage various hostels, view room, allocate and deal locate hostel rooms, receive hostel fees and daily attendance of hostel students.

Library Management

This module keeps in track of all the library management rules and can be searched by the title, author, and publication date. It even notifies you if the book is id over the due date and fine can also be paid through it.

Platform Features

Being a top-rated educational IT service provider, Edulity provides complete solutions for educational institute. From software to website, SEO to PPC, we offer all the online promotional services. These are some of the most important of this software:


Our strategy is to provide each n every facet for every educational establishment.


We plan and coordinate keeping every department in sync enabling us to provide the best outcome for you.


In Edulity we develop educational website and software with constant updating and modernization.

Quick Delivery

Delivering you project on time is our first priority, we deliver quality work on agreed time.

Amazing Benefits of Management Software

Simple and Easy to Use​

It has the easiest ERP and a user friendly Interface, we have made sure to keep the software absolutely easy to use.

Powerful features

The software has some amazing powerful features that will really lessen your burden of management & administration.

Fully Customize

The best part is that the software can be fully customized according to your academic institutions.

Our Pricing



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Legendary Support

Edulity is an extended brand of fillips technology and we are well known for our friendly customer support. Our support team is available 24×7 online. We assist and train you with every step of the software execution. We are available for you online and offline as well. Edulity is committed towards helping their customer maximize the productivity and lessen their burden. Our support team combines professional pool senior software consultant, subject matter expert and project manager. We provide on field training beforehand and online support even after installation.

Our Testimonial

Edulity is the platform from where I get access to my ideas into reality. Through this I have got most satisfying website for my college.

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Rakesh Teacher

Within first conversation, the project coordinator of Edulity ensures accomplishment of every activity. Endure fast processing that makes website user-friendly.

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Roshni Teacher

We need a developer for our college websites and so we took help from Edulity. The management team are so good that they are helpful with every step in creating an effective website.

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Anamika Teacher

I am so thankful to the team of Edulity, for providing streamline to the management of the function to our educational institutes. It is easy to use as well.

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Chandan Teacher
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